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Addison cabling system, originated as a network cabling system solution marketed by Addison Cables Ltd located at Sussex, England. Founded in 1978, Addison Cable originally entered the market as an OEM cabling system manufacturer.
Through the 1990s, Addison was strictly a cable OEM manufacturer and patch cord pre-assembler for the prestiged cable companies in Europe.
In 1997,Addison entered the data cabling market with complete solutions branded under Addimax for the twisted pair network environment. In 1998, Addison emerged as one of the promising OEM cabling solution manufacturers in Europe.
Addimax OMS Network Cabling System consists of horizontal network cabling system, vertical network cabling system, backbone network cabling system and work area network cabling system etc.

Addison opens sales office
Addison' s Intelligent structured cabling solutions
Addison's New product of the UTP cables

Addison launched out her first OM3 fibre system
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