Category 3 Multipair Cables

◎ Applications:

10Base-T, 100Base-T4

◎ Standards:


◎ Product Construction Matrix:

Conductor Material Solid Plain Copper Solid Plain Copper
Conposition(number/mm) 1/0.5mm 1/0.5mm
Gauge 24AWG 24AWG
Insulation Material PE PE
Diameter 0.86 0.86
Screen Material Nil Aluminum /Polyester Tape
Drain Wire Material Nil 1/0.5mm
Assembly No of Pairs 25/50/100 25/50/100

Remark: PE- Polyethylene; PVC- Polyvinyl Chloride; LSF- Low Smoke & Fume; LSZH- Low Smoke Zero Halogen; LSFROH-Low Smoke Flame Retardant Zero Halogen (to IEC60332-3C); PVC can be classified as CMX, CM, CMR and CMP.

◎ Working Frequency:


◎ Product Certification:


◎ Technical Parameters:

☆ Characteristic Impedance: 100±15Ω
☆ Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP): 69%
☆ Maximum DC Resistance: 9.38Ω/100m
☆ Maximum Resistance Unbalance: 5%
☆ Maximum Propagation Delay Skew: 30 ns/100m
☆ Maximum Propagation Delay: 536 ns/100m@100 MHz
☆ Minimum Bending radius: 10 x Overall Diameter
☆ Voltage Rating: 60V rms
☆ Maximum Pulling load: 80N
☆ Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
☆ Storage Temperature: -5℃ ~ +50℃
☆ Flame Retardancy: UL 1581 (CM Jacket); UL 1666 (CMR Jacket); UL 910 (CMP Jacket); IEC 60332-1 (FRPVC & LSZH Jacket); IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3C (LSFROH Jacket)

◎ Product Categories :

FREQ (MHz) NEXT(dB/100m)
Min Value/Typical Value/Standard Value
IL(dB/100m) SRL(dB/100m)
Min Value/Typical Value/ Standard Value
1 43.0/48.0/41.0 2.6 13.0/16.0/12.0
4 34.0/38.0/32.0 5.6 13.0/16.0/12.0
8 29.0/33.0/26.0 8.5 13.0/16.0/12.0
10 28.0/33.0/26.0 9.8 13.0/16.0/12.0
16 25.0/30.0/23.0 13.1 11.0/14.0/10.0

◎ Product Highlights:

☆ Provide excellent bandwidth beyond 600 MHz.
☆ Support 10 Gigabit Ethernet application.
☆ Meet the strict flame retardancy and environmental requirements in Europe and US.
☆ Different jacket materials available for choice.

◎ Ordering Information :

Model Product Description
AD-BC-CAT3UTP25PCM24 U/UTP Cat3 25Pairs, CM Grade (Non-Plenum)
AD-BC-CAT3UTP50PCM24 U/UTP Cat3 50Pairs, CM Grade (Non-Plenum)
AD-BC-CAT3UTP100PCM24 U/UTP Cat3 100Pairs, CM Grade (Non-Plenum)
AD-BC-CAT3UTP25PLH24 U/UTP Cat3 25Pairs, LSZH Grade (IEC60332-1)
AD-BC-CAT3UTP50PLH24 U/UTP Cat3 50Pairs, LSZH Grade (IEC60332-1)
AD-BC-CAT3UTP100PLH24 U/UTP Cat3 100Pairs, LSZH Grade (IEC60332-1)
AD-BC-CAT3UTP25PPE24 Outdoor U/UTP Cat3 25Pairs (Water Blocking /UV Resistant)
AD-BC-CAT3UTP50PPE24 Outdoor U/UTP Cat3 50Pairs (Water Blocking /UV Resistant)
AD-BC-CAT3UTP100PPE24 Outdoor U/UTP Cat3 100Pairs (Water Blocking /UV Resistant)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP25PCM24 F/UTP Cat3 25Pairs, CM Grade (Non-Plenum)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP50PCM24 F/UTP Cat3 50Pairs, CM Grade (Non-Plenum)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP100PCM24 F/UTP Cat3 100Pairs, CM Grade (Non-Plenum)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP25PLH24 F/UTP Cat3 25Pairs, LSZH Grade (IEC60332-1)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP50PLH24 F/UTP Cat3 50Pairs, LSZH Grade (IEC60332-1)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP100PLH24 F/UTP Cat3 100Pairs, LSZH Grade (IEC60332-1)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP25PPE24 Outdoor F/UTP Cat3 25Pairs (Water Blocking /UV Resistant)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP50PPE24 Outdoor F/UTP Cat3 50Pairs (Water Blocking /UV Resistant)
AD-BC-CAT3FTP100PPE24 Outdoor F/UTP Cat3 100Pairs (Water Blocking /UV Resistant)

cat3 multi-U/UTP

cat3 multi-F/UTP