Matrix5e cat5e copper cabling solution

Matrix 5e offer both unshielded and shielded system, in full compliant with EIA/TIA 568-B.2 and ISO 11801 D channel, providing significant margin in both return loss and NEXT, in support of many different networking requirement, including 1000Base-T, Broadband video, 3D video and other multimedia applications.

Matrix 5E Unshielded System

Product Model Product Description
AD-PP-24-C5E-A/B Matrix 5E 24 Port Unshielded Patch Panel
AD-KM-C5E-A/B-90 Matrix 5E 90 C Unshielded Data Jack
AD-BC-CAT5EUTP4PCM24 Cat 5E UTP 4 Pairs PVC Cable
AD-CAT5EUTP4PM001CM26A-XX Cat 5E 1m UTP Power Sum patch cord
AD-CAT5EUTP4PM003CM26A-XX Cat 5E 1m UTP Power Sum patch cord
AD-CAT5EUTP4PM005CM26A-XX Cat 5E 1m UTP Power Sum patch cord

Matrix 5E Shielded System

Product Model Product Description
AD-PP-24-C5EFS-A/B Matrix 5E 24 Port Shielded Patch Panel
AD-KM-C5EFS-A/B-90 Matrix 5E 90 C Shielded Data Jack
AD-BC-CAT5EFTP4PCM24 Cat 5E FTP 4 Pairs PVC Cable
AD-CAT5EFTP4PM001CM26A-XX Cat 5E 1m FTP Power Sum patch cord
AD-CAT5EFTP4PM003CM26A-XX Cat 5E 1m FTP Power Sum patch cord
AD-CAT5EFTP4PM005CM26A-XX Cat 5E 1m FTP Power Sum patch cord

Worst Values and Typical Values for Matrix 5E Channel ( 1-100Mhz )

Worst Margin Typical Margin
( NEXT ) 3db 8.5db
( PSNEXT ) 5.5db 9.5db
( ELFEXT ) 4.5db 10.5db
( PSELFEXT ) 5.5db 11.5db
( RL ) 1.0db 5.5db

Matrix 5E is a high performance cabling system. With the use of impedance matching components, the data error rates of the channels are highly reduced, thus increasing the transmission performance and efficiency to a great extent. Matrix 5E components work in full harmony with the cables, significantly increasing the margin for both permanent link and channel testing, thus highly reducing the interference during the data transmission.

Matrix 5E far exceeds the requirement TIA/EIA and ISO 11801, providing extra channel margin to ensure sure pass in any handheld tester during the field site testing. The typical NEXT value of Matrix 5E is around 8 dB whereas the worst value exceeds 3 dB.

Matrix 5E provides extended working frequency up to 350 Mhz. Through the special design in the twist distance in the cable pairs, the cables can be tested up to 350 Mhz which provides the best support for the current and future multimedia applications. Matrix 5E cables fulfillsthe testing procedures as governed by ASTM6 D4566, complying with Power Sum requirement, which is very critical for reducing signal distorsion as this is the total sum of the crosstalk from each of the other pairs in the cable and this will more accurately reveal the actual crosstalk performance of the cables.

In 2002, Addison launched out enhanced Shielded system, which effectively provides superior EMI/RFI capability for the cabling system. External interference source usually has very adverse effect on the system performance and to reduce these interferenc, Matrix 5E enhanced shielded system adopts either the individually shielded or individually shielded plus overall shielded cable. These cables are highly recommended for environments with great interference sources which may significantly affects the attenuation, NEXT and also ELFEXT performance.

Matrix 5E can offer different jacket types such as PVC, LSOH, LSFROH, CMR, CMP for meeting different fire performance requirements.