110 Patch Panels

☆Being UL approved, the panels provide optimum performance, exceeding TIA/EIA 568-A & ISO/IEC 11801 requirement.
☆Made of UL94V-0 high-impact and fire retardant ABS material.
☆Insertion Life Cycle: 500 cycles (minimum)
☆Available with/without legs on the block base. Panels without leg are suitable for mounting in the cabinets.
☆Patch panels with legs are suitable for mounting on the wall.
☆Available in 32, 50, 64, 100, 200, 300 pairs for selection.
☆Accept 22-26 AWG (0.4mm-0.64mm) solid or stranded cable.
☆Available in Cat 5e and Cat 6 options for selection.
☆Come with wire management and cover for selection.
☆Block base and wiring connectors can be ordered separately for maximum flexibility.
☆Fit for connection between patch cords and consolidation points.
☆Connecting blocks are 110 IDC type phosphor bronze termination.
◎Product Highlights:
☆Working in harmony with 110 wiring connectors, the Cat5e patch panels can be component and tested with significant margin up to 155 MHz and Cat 6 products can be component and channel tested with significant margin up to 250 MHz.
☆360 degree pair isolation enhances near-end crosstalk performance.
☆The conductors on the 110 patch panel can be easily stripped during termination to save installation time.
☆Come with wire management bars to secure the cables in place for ease of termination.
☆Termination can be done easily with special tool.