110 Patch Cords

Ordering Information for 110 Patch Cords

110 Patch Cords

◎ Basic Features:

☆ Using stranded 24/26 AWG patch cables for cord assembly.
☆ Cord length available in 1m to 15m for selection.
☆ Connector Types: 110 connectors or RJ45 8 port plugs.
☆ One end terminated with 50μ"gold plated RJ 45 plug and another end terminated with 110 connector.
☆ Outer Jacket: PVC, FRPVC, LSZH.
☆ Applicable Standards: ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B , ISO/IEC 11801Cat5e/Cat6 Standard.
☆ Cord Colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Orange, Purple, Red, Grey.
☆ Used to connect the network card to the hub or switch.

◎ Technical Parameters:
☆ Can accommodate RJ45 jacks.
☆ Impedance: 100Ω±15%
☆ Number of Termination pairs: 1- 4 Pairs
☆ Minimum Insertion Life Cycle: 1,000 cycles
☆ Minimum Plug Retention Force: 30 lbs

Product Highlights:

☆ Every patch cord is individually tested for NEXT and return loss, complying to TIA/EIA-568B, ISO/IEC 11801 standard for component testing.
☆ With a patented technology, all twists are maintained within 1/2", improving the NEXT value to a great extent.
☆ Durable jack design features to be corrosion resistant, heat resistant and not to be easily contaminated.
☆ Using stranded patch cables for higher flexibility and better bending radius, complying to EIA/TIA 606 standard.110 Patch Cords 110 Patch Cords

◎ Ordering Options:

Ordering Code is the same as that for data patch cords except for the inclusion of the connector types and
number of termination pairs.
**II**: Connector Types
1A=110 to RJ45 (T568A); 1B=110 to RJ45 (T568B);11=110 to 110
**J**: Number of termination pairs
1P=1pr; 2P=2pr; 3P=3pr; 4P=4pr

◎ Basic Features:
• Fit for both stranded or solid cable for flexibility.
• Eight-conductor modular plug works with round cable.
• Used with standard termination tools.
• Load bar eases wire insertion while maintaining 1/2" twist requirements.
• Clear plastic cover keeps the conductor colors and positions visible for termination.
◎ Ordering Information:

Part No. Description
AD-MP-RJ11-44-AB 4P4 C RJ-11 Connector
AD-MP-RJ12-64-AB 6P4C RJ-12 Connector
AD-MP-RJ12-66-AB 6P6C RJ-12 Connector
AD-MP-RJ45-88-AB 8P8C RJ-45 Connector
AD-MP-RJ45-88S-AB 8P8C Shielded RJ-45 Connector