Ordering Information for Cabinets


◎ Basic Features:

☆ Standard components include top & bottom base, 4 frames, top panel, 2 side panels, rear door, 5 cable tie bars (for 37U or higher), mounting hardware kit, and leveling feet.
☆ Made of high tensile strength die castings, aluminum extrusions and aluminum sheet.
☆ Having removable side panels for easy access or for interconnecting purposes.
☆ Standard color for the win rack cabinets is light beige or dark beige; custom colors are available.

◎ Product Categories:

☆ There are three types of cabinets which are designed for different installation purposes.
A Type (Floor Mounting Format) - A standard configuration is recommended where access floor is established.
B Type (Free Standing Format) - It has base cable tray at the bottom part and it serves as the substitute for access
C Type (Mobile Format) - With the wheels at the bottom, it is easy for moving.

Standard Components:

☆ Top & bottom base.
☆ Basic frame.
☆ Top and side panel.
☆ Rear door can be easily detached with the spring pin hinges. The ventilation holes are at the top and bottom of the rear door. Air filter units are installed in both areas.
☆ Front door has option of flexi glass, steel, or safety glass which are right-hand hinged normally.
☆ Eye bolt holes are ready by knock-out-punch on the top cover panel.
☆ Cable tie bars and accessory kit.
☆ Fixing bracket is optional for A & C Type but basic for B Type. This prevents cabinets from shaking and falling down due to vibration or external shock.