Modular Plugs

◎ Basic Features:

• Fit for both stranded or solid cable for flexibility.

• Eight-conductor modular plug works with round cable.

• Used with standard termination tools.

• Load bar eases wire insertion while maintaining 1/2" twist requirements.

• Clear plastic cover keeps the conductor colors and positions visible for termination.

◎ Ordering Information:

Part No. Description
AD-MP-RJ11-44-AB 4P4 C RJ-11 Connector
AD-MP-RJ12-64-AB 6P4C RJ-12 Connector
AD-MP-RJ12-66-AB 6P6C RJ-12 Connector
AD-MP-RJ45-88-AB 8P8C RJ-45 Connector
AD-MP-RJ45-88S-AB 8P8C Shielded RJ-45 Connector

1 White-Blue (Transmit)
2 Green (Transmit)
3 White-Orange (Receive)
4 Blue
5 White-Blue
6 Orange (Receive)
7 White-Blown
8 Brown

1 White-Orange (Transmit)
2 Orange (Transmit)
3 White-Blue (Receive)
4 Blue
5 White-Blue
6 Green (Receive)
7 White-blown
8 Brown