OMS Channel Warranty

◎ OMS Channel Warranty

This warranty covers the channel link of the network. The OMS Channel Warranty will cover all components of the channel, which include telecommunications outlet, horizontal cabling, patch panels, patch cords and the equipment cords.

Addison will honor claims on this warranty for 30 years under the same condition of OMS Link Warranty.
Addison offers OMS program as a Lifetime Applications Assurance and Extended product warranty that ensures all the system components will exceed the applicable standard requirement together with supporting any current and future application. Addison makes this extended product warranty available to BISCI or Addison certified installers to offer identical assurances and warranties to their customers for certified OMS System installations.

◎ Exclusion

These warranties cover the reasonable cost of labor to remedy a warranty claim, but do not cover the cost of any products or associated labor not sold or provided by Addison, and are not transferable from original installation.