OMS Link Warranty

Addison extends link or channel warranty for system installations made by a certified installer in accordance with EIA/TIA 568B and ISO/IEC 11801 standard.

This 30 Year warranty assures that products comprising the system will be free from defects in material or workmanship. The product should include Addison cables together with connectivity hardware from recognized suppliers.

The system will support any current or future application that supports transmission over the system in accordance with application standards at the time of manufacture. In case of a valid claim, this warranty covers repair, replacement or credit of any faulty product, and reasonable cost of labor to remedy the warranty claim. This warranty only applies to projects which have utilized 100% Addison cabling product in the network (i.e., both horizontal and backbone) and after proper certification has been obtained. Other than cables, installers are free to choose from any of the recognized connectivity suppliers or purchase Addison connectivity hardware to make up the whole OMS cabling system.

◎ OMS Permanent Link Warranty

This warranty covers the Permanent Link of the network, which includes the cable and connecting hardware. This warranty does not cover other elements of the channel, such as patch cords, equipment cords and faceplates etc.

Addison will honor claims on this warranty for 30 years, on condition that the electrical performance provided by the combination of the different components of the permanent link have been certified by Addison to meet the industry standard, as defined by the TIA 568 latest standard for the “Permanent Link” in force at the time of purchase with the following conditions:

1. All the connectivity equipment used in the network must be supplied by one or more of the approved suppliers AND each component must be UL or ITS/ETL listed, or verified by an independent testing agency to meet the TIA 568 standard in force at the time of purchase. Please contact Addison sales for the approved connectivity manufacturers.

2. Each link or Channel in the network must be field tested and have passed all TIA 568 requirements. The whole system must be designed and installed by “BICSI Certified” or Addison approved installers.