Open Martix System (OMS)

The OPEN MATRIX SYSTEM (OMS) is designed by Addison Laboratory based on the open matrix concept and designed to be equipped with superior connectivity components and cables, with the aim of delivering a system that meets or outperforms any of the top cabling connectivity solutions available today.

◎ Performance Specification

To assure customers of significant channel headroom, OMS components are required to meet following performance specifications:

1. In the Bit Error Rate tests, the OMS components must pass specifications of IEEE 802.3ab with zero bit errors.

2. In the Permanent Link or Channel Link tests, the OMS components must exceed industry specifications for PS NEXT, PS ELFEXT, and Return Loss with minimum margin across the entire frequency range as follows:

Link/Channel Tests CAT5e CAT6
Return Loss 4dB 3dB

OMS assures a minimum 3dB for category 6 and 4 dB margin for category 5e. OMS is more than just a warranty program. This is a unique combination of performance assurance, open-architecture, and manufacturer warranty. With combination of all these benefits, OMS is unequaled in the marketplace.