Real Time Patching System

ADDIMAX real time patching system is implemented by deploying intelligent hardware components and scanners throughout the network. With the use of sophisticated software, ADDIMAX affords maximal control of network connectivity, system security and data loss, ultimately increasing network efficiency.


ADDIMAX Master manages the physical network. The Master includes an SNMP agent, allowing the managementsoftware to receive all relevant data. ADDMAX Master is connected to all the scanners, monitoring all the connectivitychanges between any two ports. It collects, saves, and transmits connectivity data from the Scanners via the Expanders andupdates the AddView for the Enterprise Management Station.

ADDIMAX Expander

The Addimax Expander is used to expand the capabilities of the Master. This is achieved by cascading Expanders fromthe downlink ports of the Master. Each downlink port of a Master is connected to the Level 1 Expander . Many levels ofExpanders can be cascaded from the downlink ports of upper level Expanders. The Expander allows all devices connectedto its downlink ports to communicate with all devices on its uplink port. The Scanners are connected to the downlink portsof Expanders.


Addimax Scanners are connected to the Smart Patch Panels with Scanner Attachment Cords. The Scanner monitors all ports on these panels. In addition to the core scanning functionality, the scanner acts as the mediator between the ControlPad, which is used to control system processes, and the Master. The Control Pad may be connected to any scanner, bothcontrolling the specific scanner, locally, and sending/receiving instructions to/from the master via the Expander. Scannersare mounted in various sites to report patch panel connectivity information to the Master, which contains the SNMP agent.

ADDIMAX Patch Panel

ADDIMAX Smart Patch Panels are usually installed in double representation, conforming to TIA/EIA 568B and ISO11801 requirement. The double representation can provide all the necessary patching and interchangeability. Smart patchpanel involves a simple labor saving termination using standard 110 termination tools. With enhanced cable retentionfixture, the patch panel cannot be easily displaced during installation.

ADDIMAX Fiber Patch Panel

Addimax Fiber Patch Panel is an intelligent, high density solution for real time physical network management. The panelsupports both single mode and multimode adapters, providing comprehensive solutions for cable protection, grounding andsplicing. Its pull out drawer enable ease of access to the fiber. The panels can be connected to the system and continuously scan the connectivity configuration of all the patch cords and report it vias SNMP to the network management station.Besides, with wide range of fiber optic accessories, including fiber management clips, splice cassettes, cable groundingkits, cable entry glands, it can provide comprehensive splicing solutions for fiber cables.

ADDIMAX Data Patch Cord

Addimax Smart Patch Cord comprises a length of nine-wire flexible smart jumper cable, terminated with two ten-positionRJ-45 plugs at the ends. The data signal is transferred over the four twisted pairs of the cable. An additional ninth wiretransfers the scanning signal. The ten-position plugs are standard RJ-45 plugs, configured with two additional contacts(numbers 0 and 9), mounted externally to the standard eight contacts. Contact number 9 is used for the scanning signal.

ADDIMAX Fiber Cords

Addimax Smart Patch Cords feature a duplex fiber cable and single 28AWG copper wire in a common jacket. The copperwire is used for scanning data between the ports. Different fiber connectors can be offered for selection.

ADDIMAX Scanner Connecting Cable

Round Flat Attachment Cords are available in UTP and STP models. Flat attachment cores are available in UTP models. Addimax Scanners are connected to SMART Patch Panels with Scanner Attachment Cords.

ADDIMAX Application Software

Addview provides an accurate view of network connectivity and service status. It continuously monitors physicalconnectivity, setting security levels, stopping unauthorized connection to the network, detecting unauthorized device andphysical layer intrusion, thus ultimately enhancing network security and protection. ADDVIEW is web based, providingeffective centralized or distributed monitoring.

Real Time Patching System OM3 Multi Mode 50/125 um MTRJ-MTRJ Simplex 1M PVC Smart Fiber Cord

Ordering Information:

Part No Description
AD-IS-FCAUTP00X Cat A Flat Scanner Connecting Cable (Unshielded)
AD-IS-FCBUTP00X Cat B Flat Scanner Connecting Cable (Unshielded)
AD-IS-RFCAUTP00X Cat A Round Scanner Connecting Cable (Unshielded)
AD-IS-RFCBUTP00X Cat B Round Scanner Connecting Cable (Unshielded)
AD-IS-PP-24-C5E-A/B Cat5e Unshielded 24 Port Smart Patch Panel
AD-IS-PP-24-C6-A/B Cat6 Unshielded 24 Port Smart Patch Panel
AD-IS-RFTB-48 48 Port Smart Fiber Patch Panel
AD-IS-BC-CAT5EUTP4PM002 Cat5e Unshielded 2M Smart Data Patch Cord
AD-IS-BC-CAT6UTP4PM001 Cat6 Unshielded 1M Smart Data Patch Cord
AD-IS-BC-SC/SC-S9M001CON 9/125 μm SC-SC Simplex 1M PVC Smart Fiber Cord
AD-IS-BC-ST/ST-S5M002CON Multi Mode 50/125 μm ST-ST Simplex 2M PVC Smart Fiber Cord
AD-IS-BC-LC/LC-S6M002CON Multi Mode 62.5/125 μm LC-LC Simplex 2M PVC Smart Fiber Cord
AD-IS-BC-MT/MT-S4M001CON OM3 Multi Mode 50/125 μm MTRJ-MTRJ Simplex 1M PVC Smart Fiber Cord