S-Type Cat 6 Intelligent Patch Cords

General Description

The intelligent patch cord adopts 10-pin design, which is different from the 9-pin design. The 9th pin is used for management link communication, and the 10th pin is used for the on/off of the LED light of the patch panels, which separates the link management from the power supply. This design provides a better power supply system, form a detection loop for the complete link and set up a comprehensive system by scanning the entire link.

S-type intelligent patch cords can achieve Enhanced Cat6 performance. It has built in 2 pins added on top of the standard 8 pins. The 9th pin and 10th pin are used for patching information management.

Applicable Standard

ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017

Basic Characteristics

Material of RJ45 Plug: 50um gold plated contact
Cable Gauge Size: 23/24/26 AWG
Number of Pairs/Cores: 4pairs + 2 cores
Cable Jacket: PVC/FRPVC/LSOH
Cord length: 2m, 3m, 5m up to 15m for selection

Physical & Mechanical Characteristics

Minimum Insertion Cycles: Over 500 times
Operating Temperature: -20°to 60°C

Electrical Characteristics

DC resistance (20 ℃ ): Max 145 Ω / km
Resistance Unbalance: Max 3%
Capacitance: 43 pF /m nominal @ 1Khz
Capacitance Unbalance: 3300 pF/Km max @ 1Khz( wire to ground)
Characteristic impedance: 100 ± 15 Ω @ 1-100 Mhz
Rated voltage: 30 V
Dielectric strength: 700 VAC / min( wire to wire)
Propagation Delay :5.3 ns/100m max @ 1 Mhz ;5.2 ns/100m max @ 10 Mhz ;5.2 ns/100m max @ 100 Mhz
Propagation Delay Skew: 45 ns/100m at @ 1-250 Mhz
Insulation Resistance: 500 MΩ/Km min
Velocity of propagation: 69% nominal

Part NO. Description
AD-IS-S-CAT6UTP4PM002-XX S-Type Cat 6 UTP Intelligent Patch Cord, 2M
AD-IS-S-CAT6UTP4PM003-XX S-Type Cat 6 UTP Intelligent Patch Cord, 3M
AD-IS-S-CAT6UTP4PM005-XX S-Type Cat 6 UTP Intelligent Patch Cord, 5M