S-Type Intelligent Fiber Patch Panel

General Description

S-type Fiber patch panels 19‘‘ 24 port modular Patch Panel can be managed by IMU using RJ45 cable, supporting OM2, OM3 and SM. It supports 24 Duplex LC ports in 1U rack space. Each port is equipped with LED indicator which shows the link status through flashing during connection. At the right of panels, there are two LED with red and green light indicator that shows the panel type. A 8-pin RJ45 module is located at the center of back panel, for connection with IMU.

Basic Characteristics

• Providing tracing information with an LED indicator per port.
• Each port detects the insertion and removal of patch cord and report changes to the Server
• Providing front door drawer for easy fiber termination
• Red and green LED indicating the panel connection type
• Front cable management trough
• Watertight cable entry
• Blank entry for identification of fiber splices and terminations

Electrical Characteristics

• Automatic scanning in each panel for detecting the Link status
• High speed self-scanning on all ports.
• Uploading database and alarm information through the IMU to the Server
• Each port is equipped with LED flash indicator to show the patch cord connection.
LED is available in two modes:
• Slow flashing: Slow flashing indicates that the port needs to be connected or disconnected by the jumper. If the port is empty, it indicates that connection is required; if the port is connected, it indicates that the port needs to be disconnected)
• Fast flashing: Fast flashing is a port alarm indication, indicating that the port is illegally connected or disconnected.
Red and green LED indicating panel connection type
• Red: S type, switch connection at rear
• Green: C type, UTP cable connection at rear.

Technical Specification

Size (H*W*D) :44.5×483×38mm
Material: Aluminum, Spray-paint, Black
Environmental protection: Lead free solders used for soldering different parts

Part NO. Description
AD-IS-RFTB-S-LC-04-24 S-Type MM OM3 Intelligent Patch Panel, 24 Port LC Duplex
AD-IS-RFTB-S-LC-06-24 S-Type MM OM4 Intelligent Patch Panel, 24 Port LC Duplex
AD-IS-RFTB-S-LC-09-24 S-Type MM SM Intelligent Patch Panel, 24 Port LC Duplex

Schematic Diagram